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    ~Import/Export Wizards ported to classes CPropertyPages::CPage (.SHP import wizard to be done)
    ~Changed array length calculation from sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]) to _countof(array)
    ~.SHP import wizard ported to classes CPropertyPages::CPage. It's Units and Levels pages replaced by CUnitsWizardPage and CLevelsWizardPage.
    ~Options property pages ported to classes CPropertyPages::CPage
    ~Fixed some constant segment selection #pragmas
    ~Merged GetWindowLongPtr / SetWindowLongPtr functions used in windows' subclassing
    +Some coding style rules
    +Warnings suppression in ImageExporter and CTifRawDecoder declarations
    +Property value in-place editing in Extra Object Attributes property page (based on bookmark properties dialog mechanics)
    ~Removed static fields from bookmark properties dialog
    ~"Same Type" check box title in Extra Object Attributes property page made more descriptive
    ~Fixed label striping in .OSM exporter
    +Turn restriction kind and it's: loading, saving, editing on 'Routing' tab in 'Node' property pages and column in restrictions list
    ~Changed copy/paste format
    +Few road signs
    ~Fixed some road signs images
    Беты | Просмотров: 3900 | Загрузок: 1002 | Добавил: ZAV | Дата: 27.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

    ~GisRX russification fixed
    +GisRX maps.exe exporter 
    +GisRX specific map header keys edit property page 
    +GisRX POI type with 120 kph speed limit 
    ~Fixed 'Time' column in track points property page
    +Track color by speed drawing, based on Evgeniy Zyuzin open source GPSMapEdit branch (lango edition).
    +Pen destruction in CColors objects if different pen style is requested.
    +Note drawing properties dialog
    +Saving custom colors list between SelectColor() calls
    ~Fixed Notes list sorting by color and by width
    ~.GPX loader ported to Xml namespace classes. Now it is available in Express compilations.
    +Jpeg images importer based on libjpeg of the Independent JPEG Group
    ~Fixed Tiff LZW decoder (line data allocation and prediction)
    ~UTurns restrictions are not generated on the external nodes clean/cleanup
    ~Fixed .shp polygons loading in some cases
    ~Fixed waypoint type description retrieving
    +Extended .dbf fields support
    ~Fixed edge nodes filter for the rectangle trimming tool
    ~Fixed self intersections test in polygons
    ~Fixed version string in dialogs (thanks to Tomasz Babczyński)
    ~Fixed Link warning LNK4199
    +Tab / Shift-Tab to choose another head item in selection (second / last one respectively)
    +Feet units in AttractLinesWizard
    ~Fixed map flickering on error selection in VerifyMap dialog
    ~Fixed status string update invoked outside of GUI thread context
    ~Fixed attachments list dialog crash on raster maps
    ~Fixed map skins error on raster maps loading
    ~Fixed raster layers disappearing on backup action is performing
    -Suppressing useless map backup on contours generation canceling
    ~Files enumeration refactoring
    ~Fixed bookmark types loading
    +Adding of Unicode strings into ComboBox
    ~Migration to GPSMapEdit
    ~Map header keys manipulation and joining refactored
     +Map skin updating after map load
    +OSM xml export
    ~Logger interface extended
    +Postal address items lists: countries and regions
    ~mp file load speedup 
    ~GetTextAsFloat, GetTextAsArc precision fixing 
    +Addressing information abandoning warning 
    ~Address numbers drawing fixing 
    ~Map property pages ported to CPropertyPages::CPage classes 
    +HasIndexedCity virtual method for type to check "IndexedCity" flag availability 
    ~TypeSet features list extended for the objects properties editing managing. This replaces direct TypeSetId comparison. 

    Беты | Просмотров: 2787 | Загрузок: 809 | Добавил: ZAV | Дата: 16.02.2010 | Комментарии (0)

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